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Beautiful Clovies for me to Make!
YAY!!! I just got the best book EVAR! Apparal Making in Fashion Design, by Injoo Kim and Mikyung Uh, has to be the most complete sewing pattern reference.

here's a pic:

The book starts off by showing how to create a template for your own body shape(for those sewers out there-that's as in sew-ers, not the dirty things-a sloper). Measurements are taken, then drawn on paper that can be used to create your own patterns, or used to adjust pre-made patterns.

I've been looking for a good sloper instruction book for a little while now, and this one happened to be free at my library. Unfortunately, it's fairly expensive (cheapest price i can find online is about $45 before shipping/tax, etc). So, i put it on my amazon wish list.

So, now that i have the book, i'll be reading up for my new project. AnimeNext is coming up in Jersey. So i'd better prepare now!

`wyn ^_^


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