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Ren Faire Part 3
The last installment of the Ren Faire 2005 Collection consisted of two autumn nymphs.

Lady Wyntir and Lady Autmn:
Image hosted by

These two costumes were fun to make. I picked up two broomstick skirts and two tank tops. Then at Michael's, i had my pick of Autumn foilage. Those garlands that were on sale caught my attention and several leaves and things went into my shopping cart.

Here's a close up of what i did for Lady Autumn:

back - Image hosted by front - Image hosted by

I wish i had two tanks with the braided straps. That shirt was much more elegant than the silly one i wore. I also liked the border with the leaves. I machine sewed those leaves on, as it seemed easier to make a straight line instead of just doing it one by one.

All loose leaves were hand sewn. I didn't have a set pattern to placing the leaves, i just tried to make sure they were evenly distributed.

That's all for now. I'm still working on my Kawachi chef's coat for the hubby, but i need more fabric, time, and a better mandarin collar pattern >_<. Halloween is also coming up. That's a surprise, though. hee hee hee.



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