Seams to be Wyntir

Making way for the creative-clothing Wyn...

***** Happy Halloween!!! *****
Yay! Happy Halloween!

I worked hard on saturday making our costumes so here they are!!
This year, we went as Flying Snow and Broken Sword from "Hero" - "Ying Xiong"

To compare (in case you don't know the characters):

Broken Sword

My DH as Broken Sword

Flying Snow

Me as Flying Snow

One other... different colors, but still similar ^_^



hee hee.

We didn't get to go to the parade <~~ bad bad bad for not doing homework until the last minute... hee hee
Maybe next year, and this means i already have my costume and can get my Rinoa crochet project underway (see side blog).

testing.... 1-2-3
hee hee

just testing to see if this is all it's cracked up to be :P



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