Seams to be Wyntir

Making way for the creative-clothing Wyn...

Hanajima almost done

i still have to snip all the extra threads and fabric... but i'm just about done.

not exactly sure i'm happy with the final outcome.  i did some really nice work on the skirt, but i could have been more creative with the dress.  I really should just get rid of the damn bottom all together. We'll see what becomes of it.  


It looks very pilgrimy... hahahahaha ah well.  ^_____^

It's been a few years....
Wow... glad i found this page again ^__^

Time to do a little more cosplaying.  This year, i'm going to Tora-Con in Rochester.  Going as Hanajima from Fruits Basket.

Here are my pics so far of one dress i'm going to make:
I found both at GoodWill.  The top was a velvet dress that i split at the sides.  The bottom skirt was an 18W polyester skirt i darted to fit my waist and attached to the waitline of the dress.  Now i have to find a pattern to make the ruched panels in the front and back.

Let the cosplay begin!!  ^____^

WHOO HOO... 2006 Cons

The new year brings on a new Con Schedule!! This year, i hope to attend I-Con 25, AnimeNext, and Otakon.

My costume is in the works.. but it's a super-duper secret. It will include a CosPlay entry which will be choreographed by me... although i don't know which song i will choose. I'm down to 2 options.

hee hee hee

Will let you know once i make progress on my costume!!! HEEEEEEEEE!!!

`wyn ^_^

Beautiful Clovies for me to Make!
YAY!!! I just got the best book EVAR! Apparal Making in Fashion Design, by Injoo Kim and Mikyung Uh, has to be the most complete sewing pattern reference.

here's a pic:

The book starts off by showing how to create a template for your own body shape(for those sewers out there-that's as in sew-ers, not the dirty things-a sloper). Measurements are taken, then drawn on paper that can be used to create your own patterns, or used to adjust pre-made patterns.

I've been looking for a good sloper instruction book for a little while now, and this one happened to be free at my library. Unfortunately, it's fairly expensive (cheapest price i can find online is about $45 before shipping/tax, etc). So, i put it on my amazon wish list.

So, now that i have the book, i'll be reading up for my new project. AnimeNext is coming up in Jersey. So i'd better prepare now!

`wyn ^_^

Ren Faire Part 3
The last installment of the Ren Faire 2005 Collection consisted of two autumn nymphs.

Lady Wyntir and Lady Autmn:
Image hosted by

These two costumes were fun to make. I picked up two broomstick skirts and two tank tops. Then at Michael's, i had my pick of Autumn foilage. Those garlands that were on sale caught my attention and several leaves and things went into my shopping cart.

Here's a close up of what i did for Lady Autumn:

back - Image hosted by front - Image hosted by

I wish i had two tanks with the braided straps. That shirt was much more elegant than the silly one i wore. I also liked the border with the leaves. I machine sewed those leaves on, as it seemed easier to make a straight line instead of just doing it one by one.

All loose leaves were hand sewn. I didn't have a set pattern to placing the leaves, i just tried to make sure they were evenly distributed.

That's all for now. I'm still working on my Kawachi chef's coat for the hubby, but i need more fabric, time, and a better mandarin collar pattern >_<. Halloween is also coming up. That's a surprise, though. hee hee hee.


Ren Faire - More Details
This year, i had the happy opportunity of going to the ren faire 3 times! YAY! That meant that i was allowed to make 3 costumes.

I made a total of 4, because i also sewed my very first piece of clothing. A Cloak! YAY!!!!! (please excuse my use of exclamation marks hee hee)

This is my brother in his cloak:

Image hosted by

It was my very first piece sewn on a machine and it was fairly easy to accomplish. I used a pattern (new look i think...), and put it together in 2 days. Final alterations were made once i saw how long my bro wanted it.

here's a better picture to show the lining:

Image hosted by

The outside was a royal green rayon of some sort, the inside black cotton. It was very hot that day, but he insisted on wearing it because he loved it so much ^_________^

Several stitches were used. Everything from a straight seam to a zig-zag which made a great border for the loose ends. Now i know the fabric won't fray beyond that point.

More pics to come of my final costume ^_^


Renaissance Faire - Sept. 3rd
Whoo hooooooooooooooo....

Went to the Ren Faire last saturday as gypsies. My sis and i had a lot of fun! Here is my outfit:

Check out my sis's post for more pics. I haven't uploaded mine yet.


My New Cosplay Journal
Well... since i signed up for a LiveJournal account, i figured i might as well make some use of this space!

Welcome one and all to my new CosPlay Journal.

All information about my costuming will appear here with pictures and all that good stuff.

I'll have info on my Halloween '05 costume soon... but i'm a little scared to make it! WOoooooo

I'll also post my other costumes from days of old, and will play around with the themes. Seems that LiveJournal has the themes i like - but they don't appear on the drop down list (paid accounts only? who knows). I'd like to get either Opal or one that starts with a C... Component. Ah well.

Here's to Refried Paper!

~wyn ^_^

EDIT: Oooooh.. just found this Kitty in Pink template!!! i adore it :P

Speaking about Blogging
When is blogging too much? hahahahahaha

who knows, maybe i'll turn this into my hobby blog? i already have one for crocheting, but what about everything else?

are multiple journals a form of multiple personalities? Hardly :P


HAHAHAHA so i'm supposed to be working... but i wanted to update this already!

Checking out the FAQ's on Anime Conventions and on the Otakon site they give you this advise:

I keep hearing that fanboys are smelly. What can I do about that?

Don't contribute to the problem. Anytime you have a lot of people in one place, and it's hot out, you're going to get the occasional whiff of B.O. Please shower (with soap!) at least once every day and change your clothes. No matter how cool your outfit is, the acrid smell of pleather and human sweat will ruin the effect by the second day, we guarantee it. Make sure your sleeping arrangements allow for proper hygiene.

By the way... I-Con 24 was AWESOME!! My costume came out okay... i wish i had more time, but as always, i procrastinated! The vest is crocheted, as is the scarf. Everything else was bought because it matched!

Here is a reference pic along with my pic:


I'll have to get a full pictures because i had the socks and brown shoes and everything!

My hubby was Matshushito Ken from Yakitate!! Japan. So cute!!

    Image hosted by

All the costumes were VERY cool. We both had people recognize us, which is great because the hard work that went into the costume pays off.

that's about it for now. i have to get back to training at work. though i have joined a few cosplay forums and plan on going to Otakon in Baltimore in August... w00t!!!

~wyn &^_^&


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